So happy my new workplace is right by Japan Centre #Matcha #Pocky
Korean AYCE YUM (at yakiniQ)
Vintage games arcade. There were weirdly a lot of execution dioramas? (at Musée Mécanique)
Sea Lions! So loud and smelly but cute (at Sea Lions at Pier 39)
at Fraiche Yogurt
We need Ice Pan in London! It’s only in Las Vegas in the US. Already having withdrawals :( (by Apolopurrr)
Red sand at the Valley of Fire (at Valley of Fire State Park)
#Hollywood (at Universal Studios Hollywood)
#cupcake #atm (at Sprinkles Cupcakes ATM)
We sat where Rachel, Joey, Chandler, Ross, Monica and Phoebe have sitten! (at Paley Center for Media)
Mammoth Penguins (at The Lexington)
#Porsche #911 #1969
#Scaldaferro #Torrone in Edizione Limitata
Prosecco instead of white wine
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