Better Than Life #oculusrift
Ducks on Hampstead Heath! Also spotted a graveyard of several dozen nitrous oxide canisters… (at Hampstead Heath)
#digitech #pds1002 #90s
Nero is quite unphotogenic
My pug! There were many balloon-pug casualties at the pug drawing workshop (at ‘Pick Me Up’ Contemporary Graphic Design @ Somerset House)
#Kinder Gran Sorpresa #Jesusegg
Buonissimo (at Zucca)
So happy my new workplace is right by Japan Centre #Matcha #Pocky
Korean AYCE YUM (at yakiniQ)
Vintage games arcade. There were weirdly a lot of execution dioramas? (at Musée Mécanique)
Sea Lions! So loud and smelly but cute (at Sea Lions at Pier 39)
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